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Why I'm so disappointed of Mexico sometimes...

Early this morning (around 5 AM) some burglars sneaked and robbed a Jewelry store in Mexico City (they robbed about $200,000 US in jewelry). The alarm went off, the manager of the jewelry store called the cops.

By the time, the burglars were gone.... although, not exactly... the cops arrived to the jewelry... and one of them took some of the jewels and hid them in his pockets.

Mexican TV and newspapers broadcasted the security video that the manager recorded via a remote IP camera, and it shows the thieves grabbing the jewels, and also a cop grabbing some jewels too, 15 minutes later.

Things like this are not new, they happen every day. Things like this make me give up hope that someday, we, the mexicans, will improve. Things like this make me glad that I left my country and moved to USA, where, if not perfect, at least the police is a little bit more honest.

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